The truth hurts. I can see it hurt people everyday. But it sucks when you're the one telling the truth to others. You know it's going to hurt. And you know that it's going to strike something in them. And you can't cushion the blow. There's just something tiny that annoys you every once in a while, and you know they deserve to know the truth. So do you tell them?

Did I tell them? Yes.

It's something I've learned. Of course I can say that I'm sorry, but I can't help it and neither can they. It's just an accepted fact. As integral to your being as anything else. There's no changing it. Just some little quirk that's been instilled in them from years of exposure to it.

I guess...if you think about it in that way...your personality can be considered the least dangerous form of radiation-caused cancer, your parents being the radiactive material . It happens, and there's no way that I can change what another kid has been exposed to and will continue to be exposed to.

It's hard to accept things sometimes. Like when they seem to worry just a little bit too much. Enough to annoy you. When they text if you haven't answered within a minute. Yeah. It's kind of annoying. But it's okay. It's just something about them you have to accept. And I do. I can get frustrated, but I know that I did the right thing.

Is it right to tell them one of their flaws? And both of you know it most likely won't change? I think so. I think it's better to acknowledge it than let it slip and come back fiercer than before...a Hydra waiting to spring out and ruin a relationship.

So...sometimes the truth hurts...but sometimes that's the only way to do it right.


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