So. Seven days. No. I'm not in the movie The Ring.

However, I'm terrified. And, I have to admit, I am super excited, too. I'm having a really hard time deciding which one.

Who knew college would come so fast? Who knew that I would feel so old? Who knew that I actually feel like going shopping for skirts and nice clothing? Who knew I would be in love? God did. But I had no clue.

I'm all emotions wrapped into one. As scared as I am, I know I have some life rafts that are keeping me so sane right now. One...knowing that I'm going to college with one of my best friends. I want to meet new people, but it's a lot easier with an old friend by your side. Especially you. I'm so happy. ^_^ Like I said, if it were anyone, it would be you. And two...Steve. Yeah, it's nice knowing he won't be too far. We've had so many conversations about it, and we have an understanding of each other. And I'm glad knowing that I'll always have him to talk to. It's nice have these two people there. I love you both. Thanks for making this easier.

I'll miss my parents. I'll miss not having to wonder what my roommate will think. I'll miss my own bathroom. But who wouldn't? It comes with the territory.

So...I'm buck up. And take it as it comes. So...the countdown has begun. It's the silence before the storm.

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