Have you ever looked back on your childhood? I mean, really studied it? Examined every moment you can remember and even the ones you don't?

It's kind of scary.

The scariest part, I think, is how much we can't remember. There are huge chunks of time that we have no clue what happened to us. Then, there are the memories that you can only place in a very vague timeline. Why can't we remember better? Why do we remember what we do?

Some of the memories that I have seem very random and have no point. So we can't really remember ONLY the things that were most important to us. And sometimes you forget some big event and then kick yourself for forgetting. Because if I cried so long and so hard when I met Mickey Mouse (when I was 3, thank you), why don't I remember? Because my brain told to me to forget? Then why can't I remember my fifteenth birthday party? The best one I've had?

I have no clue.

But then, would it be a curse remembering everything in such detail? Memory does have its way with monitoring our sanity. I think there are some moments that everyone would rather forget, but are stuck there. Forever trapped on flypaper.

So...I was going to say something....but I can't remember.


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